A competitive, top-quality office supplies store should be able to reliable supply their customers with at least the most fundamental office supply products. For instance, even though many businesses are moving away from paper usage and going paperless, paper still remains one of the most essential business supply products. Moreover, managing paperwork for the organization is also a critical part of office work. Offices nowadays strive to make working conditions more comfortable and productive and, because of COVID-19, healthier and safer. Finding one office supplies vendor that carries everything that you need at competitive pricing can save your business money and time. Having a reliable partner who can provide all the items you need will reduce headaches for your management or purchasing departments.  To make it easier for you to determine if an office supply company is right for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 items every office supplies store should carry. 

Copy and Printer Paper Supplies 

Paper is must-have item for any office, regardless of size. However, having a wide range of paper requirements is challenging to manage. Management will look for a supply of paper that can strike a balance between quality and price. The best paper to satisfy both is the A1 copy paper or Double A Copy And Multi-Use Paper in a 10-ream case. Each sheet has a whiteness level that can make printed content stand out while being thick enough to stand up to printing on both sides. Moreover, with an attractive price point, these packages are affordable and versatile enough to handle all the paper requirements for any office.


An efficiently-run company will need to organize its paperwork for different purposes. The marketing department may need to mail business proposals or handouts, management will require to have critical finance documents filed, and generally, every office needs to keep records on file. Binders present an efficient solution to cover these needs. With a wide selection of binding methods, TBS Business Solutions can provide suitable binding machines and finishers for any purpose for any company size. 


There are four popular types of binding methods in modern offices. These are coil binding, wire binding, Velo-binding, and comb binding, each with their strengths and perfect for specific applications. TBS Business Solutions carries options for each binding method for a broad range of document sizes.


Companies need laminators for a variety of in-house tasks such as laminating ID cards, providing protection for items such as menu cards and essential photographs, and enhancing the look of documents, especially for presenting to potential clients. Companies require laminators for creating signs and banners too.

Whether you require professional lamination at wider widths or affordable laminators for intermittent use, TBS Business Solutions has options available for you. 

Janitorial Supplies

An office is a shared space. Keeping things tidy is vital for maintaining an office’s productivity and keeping the office a comfortable and pleasant place. One of the most important things companies should keep in mind when making their offices tidy is to ensure their janitorial supplies are well-stocked with usable equipment. Whether an office has a dedicated janitorial staff or not, they must provide easy access to cleaning supplies.

Office Safety Supplies

As more offices are reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, management is looking for ways to offer their workers an added layer of protection from the virus. For instance, offices are adopting measures to help protect their workers, especially workers who work directly with the public. Moreover, each worker can provide themselves with countermeasures against disease-carrying germs by wearing a mask, sanitizing their hands with hand antiseptic, and disinfecting their surroundings with disinfectant wipes.

Basic First Aid Supplies

Having first aid supplies is not just a legal requirement. It is a necessity for each office. Having a fully-stocked first aid kit is essential for the safety of your workers. There are hundreds of ways an injury might occur, even in an office, and having the right first aid supplies can help an accident victim until emergency services arrive.

Air Purifiers

One way to keep the confined space of an office more pleasant is to help keep the air cleaner. Though modern air conditioners have air purifiers, stand-alone air purifiers can help clean the air more efficiently because they can be placed in closer proximity to workers. Air purifiers also do a better job of removing the allergens and bacteria from the air than a regular air conditioning system. Moreover, if you have non-smokers working near smokers, air purifiers protect non-smoking workers from inhaling smoke particles lingering on their co-workers clothing and reduce unpleasant odors.

Our TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifier with SensorPod Air Quality Monitor, is intended for a large room that has an area of 69 square meters.  

For rooms with an area of 110 square feet or lower, we offer the Filtrete™ Room Air Purifier FAP-C01BA-G1. Both of these air filters have Hepa filters designed to control bacteria, allergens, and viruses.

Shipping Supplies

Any company, regardless of scale, manages incoming and outgoing mail. A company selling products will require more than essential mailing supplies. For instance, if you intend to sell products, you will require plastic wrap to protect your products during shipment.

TBS Business Solutions has a broad range of shrink wraps, tapes and dispensers, and strapping and banding equipment that can cover most shipping supply needs. 

Monitor Mounts, Standing Desks, and Office Productivity Aids

A modern office adopts ways to make their working conditions more productive. One way to achieve this is by creating workstations with the ability to mount multiple monitors. In this setup, workers won’t have to switch desktops when working, saving time when managing multiple open tabs. Some offices also provide standing desks for their workers as another way of enhancing their workers’ productivity and comfort. 

The Kensington Sit/Stand Desk and the 2M Precision Standing Desk have footprints that enable them to be used immediately using the existing desks in most offices.

The Kensington® SmartFit® Dual Monitor Arm Mount can fit most desk designs and has arms that can accomodate 24” monitors weighing up to 25 lbs each.

Meeting and Presentation Supplies

Sharing ideas is an essential part of every business. Regular meetings are a valuable opportunity for companies to make the most of their employees’ insights while keeping the workflow organized. To aid meetings, offices will require equipment such as projectors, whiteboards, and wall-mounted monitors to ensure the proper presentation of ideas.

Modern offices are embracing the use of glass dry-erase boards for their meetings. These are excellent space savers that can easily take on whiteboard markers and blend with the interior design of any office.


Since many offices adopt larger monitors as a meeting aid, the Large Dynamic Height Adjustable wall mount by Fusion provides a sturdy platform to accommodate interactive applications whether you need them in a classroom, a boardroom, or any meeting area.


When selecting an office supply store, you must choose one that knows your specific need. Many office supply stores overlook supplying their clients with essential items. Fortunately, TBS Business Solutions stocks all of the most needed office supply items to ensure that our partners always have the office supplies they need. We have a wide range of office supplies that can cover a wide variety and sizes of businesses, and we also provide only high-quality products that pass our stringent qualification processes. With the US government and large corporations on our client list, you can rely on us to provide the same world-class products to your business. For inquiries about the stock and availability of the items mentioned in this article and any other office and business supply needs, call us at (888) 542-9888 or contact us.