Whiteboards are a mainstay in any office. No meeting is complete without one. The term whiteboard covers writing surfaces with a smooth surface that allows rapid marking and erasing of these markings. Whiteboards have increased in popularity since the 1990s, replacing blackboards in many offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, and other work environments. 

Until the invention of dry-erase markers in 1975, whiteboards weren’t popular enough to replace blackboards. However, since the creation of the dry-erase marker, whiteboards became a viable alternative to blackboards as writing with chalk was pointed out as causing allergic reactions in children. By the late 1990s, over 20% of American classrooms have been using whiteboards. The most popular materials used for whiteboards have traditionally been white melamine, hardcoat laminate, and polypropylene. More expensive materials used include porcelain and aluminum. 

Why Glass Became a Popular Alternative Material for Whiteboards

Before the advent of laminated glass, prevalent materials, such as hardcoat laminate and melamine, were the most popular. However, the quality of these writing surfaces varies. Moreover, the marks left after repeated use tend to become permanent over time. The same problem happens even with painted steel or aluminum whiteboards. Alternative materials, such as porcelain or polypropylene film, are more expensive and are prone to the same issues as softer surface materials. By the early 2000s, laminated glass was slowly becoming more popular because of its benefits.

Because the common problem with standard whiteboards is the staining left behind after wiping off any writing or drawings, users often complain about the aesthetics of having a whiteboard visible in an office environment. Even with persistent cleaning, especially with some cleaning spray, shadows of something previously written are still visible. However, with glass whiteboards, the surface doesn’t discolor easily.

The idea of using glass as a whiteboard may have originated in places like hospitals where glass whiteboards are used with a table template. People may have also noted the ease of removing markings on the glass during construction. Whiteboards that use glass have been an alternative material since tempered glass started being used. Tempered glass is tougher than standard glass and tends to be more scratch-resistant. However, like any previous materials, glass quality may also vary. With Quartet glass dry-erase boards, users are assured of the best quality glass for everyday use. 

Reasons Why Quartet Dry-Erase Boards are Exceptional

Quartet was established in 1954. It has since marked its name as a premier provider of bulletin boards, chalkboards, and whiteboard products. The company was acquired in 2005 by ACCO brands. Today, it has continued its legacy of innovation and superior quality in its selection of materials, manufacturing methods, engineering, and quality control. Quartet is also committed to sustainable manufacturing practices. In March 2022, Quartet products were granted the UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for helping create a cleaner working environment. The award also proves that Quartet meets the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emission standards.

Aside from its award-winning quality, there are many reasons why a Quartet Dry-Erase Board is perfect for your office. Here are just five of them:

  1. Quartet Dry-Erase Boards are Stain and Ghost-Resistant:

Quartet Infinity Glass Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

With Quartet Dry-Erase Boards, you can be assured of having a high-quality surface that can be kept clean and pristine. The rigorous testing standards involved in the manufacturing process guarantee all glass boards made by Quartet can withstand heavy daily use and resist ghosting (the outline that remains of previously written work) and staining (ink spots that are hard to remove).

Quartet Infinity Glass Dry-Erase Board, 24″ x 18″, Frosted Surface, Frameless

The Quartet Infinity 24″ x 18″ Glass Dry-Erase Board has a frosted surface. Its non-absorbent surface makes erasing a breeze. The surface quality allows for ease in writing with any dry-erase marker. Made to withstand heavy use, you can express your ideas again and again without the fear of staining or ghosting its surface.

  1. Some Quartet Glass Boards Have a Magnetic Surface:

Quartet presents, among its product options, magnetic glass boards. These have thin steel backs to allow you more presenting options. With magnetic glass boards, you can post documents as a reference as you take to the board when it is your turn to present. All Quartet Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards are compatible with glass board magnets made by Quartet. 

Quartet Infinity Glass Magnetic Dry-Erase Board, 24″ x 18″, Black Surface, Frameless

The Quartet Infinity 24″ x 18″ Glass Dry-Erase Board has a black surface with a thin steel back. Its steel-backed surface allows you to use magnets to post documents as a reference when presenting. The magnetic surface is compatible with Quartet strong magnets.

  1. All Quartet Dry Erase Boards are Made of Tempered Glass:

The choice of materials is crucial for making high-quality products. With tempered glass, you can be assured that Quartet glass surfaces will resist scratches and dents for a longer time than most glass surfaces. Tempered glass is stronger and safer than ordinary glass. With Quartet’s superior engineering and manufacturing techniques, the tempered glass used in Quartet products is even better than most tempered glass dry-erase boards available on the market. Tempered glass is also safe to use. If the glass breaks, the pieces are smaller and finer, making these safer than larger and sharper shards produced when ordinary glass breaks.

Quartet Infinity Glass Magnetic Dry-Erase Board, 36″ x 24″, White Surface, Frameless

The Quartet Infinity 36″ x 24″ Glass Magnetic Dry-Erase Board provides a broad surface to express your creativity. Its frameless and space-saving design makes it a unique addition to your office. With a non-absorbent Quartet tempered-glass surface, you are assured of a tough surface that can withstand most forms of abuse to which whiteboards are subjected. No need to worry about sharp edges. All Quartet Dry-Erase Boards are safe, even in the event of breakage.

  1. Quartet Dry Erase Boards Have a Modern Style:

Suppose you have an important client visiting your office. The last thing you want is for them to be turned off because of the appearance of your office. Having a whiteboard with unpleasant marks gives even the neatest office a messy and unclean look. With Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Boards, you have a whiteboard that adds function and a modern style to your workspace. The modern and minimalistic designs of Quartet Dry-Erase Boards encourage innovative thinking. Their space-saving design provides plenty of space, allowing you to expand on all your ideas. Best of all, Quartet Dry-Erase Boards are attractive, thereby impressing your visitors.

The Quartet Infinity Glass 48″ x 36″ Dry-Erase Board is one of the largest dry-erase boards offered on our site. Its frameless and minimalistic design is a perfect and space-saving addition to your office. With superior surface characteristics, you don’t need to worry about leaving unsightly marks on the surface, giving your office a pleasant whiteboard even if displayed prominently. For the largest dry-erase board options, 72″ x 48″ versions are available for both black and white surfaces.

Takeaways: Invest in Quartet Dry Erase Boards: They Are Perfect for Any Office

Quartet Glass Boards are the perfect addition to your workspace. Aside from adding functionality, Quartet Dry-Erase Boards’ minimalistic and modern design adds a modern touch to your office, making them attractive and space-saving. The materials selected for Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Boards are the best in the industry. With their commitment to high quality, safety, and sustainability, you are also purchasing award-winning products that are exceptional in their class. TBS Business Solutions has a broad selection of Quartet Dry Erase Boards on our site. Aside from dry-erase boards, TBS Business Solutions also offers a wide array of high-quality office products and janitorial, electrical, construction, and safety supplies. Visit our site to learn more about the price and availability of Quartet Dry-Erase Boards.