Technology and computer-based work are increasingly dominating the modern office environment. The expanding functionality of cell phones and personal computers has rendered many office devices and supplies unnecessary. Gone are the days of the fax machine.  It has been replaced by email for internal office communication and communication with clients. Demand for writing supplies such as pens, markers, and related items is declining. In some offices, these items are now obsolete. With an increasing number of businesses going paperless, the need to purchase office supplies may not be top-of-mind for busy office managers. As a result, many very important office supplies get overlooked.

One positive outcome of the lockdowns and remote work resulting from COVID-19 is that many companies have reduced overhead by streamlining operations.  That means substantial savings on things such as writing instruments, fax machines, photocopiers, and other office supplies items. However, papers will still need to be filed, meetings will have to be held, presentations will need to be printed out and distributed, and workspaces will need to be cleaned. To ensure success for any business operation, managers should still consider keeping a good supply of the following ten office supply items we tend to overlook. Keeping these items on hand means that your employees won’t lose valuable time searching for what they need to get the job done: 

Copy Paper 10-Ream Case


Although many tasks requiring paper are now done online, there will always be a need to make hard copies of essential documents. Final reports, correspondence, and presentation materials will still need to be printed, filed, or distributed. Finding a single go-to multi-use paper to handle all of your document needs can save your company money, storage space, and time. The Copy Paper Case 20lb, with 95 Brightness supplied by A1, and the Everyday Copy and Multi-Use Paper provided by Double A cover all the bases. These types of paper are bright and sturdy enough to carry printer ink on both sides but affordable enough to be used as paper for photocopiers to print documents for mass distribution.

Punchers and Staplers

Other items that offices shouldn’t overlook are punchers and staplers. These office supplies are still as essential today as they were when they were introduced. From heavy-duty types like the Swingline 100-sheet High Capacity 2-Hole Punchers to desktop varieties such as the Swingline Commercial Desktop Punch and the Swingline 747 Stapler, capable of processing 25 sheets at a time, these punchers and staplers are still indispensable for businesses. Though paperclips can be helpful to hold documents together temporarily,  they are not a permanent solution to keep documents organized and secure long-term. These tools will ensure that nothing will get lost or end up in the wrong order.   

D-Ring Binders

One way to protect critical filed hard copies of documents is by organizing them in D-ring view binders. Moreover, binders provide an organized look that can be displayed on bookshelves for easy reference. Binders are secure while also allowing for pages to be easily replaced, making them ideal for filing business plans, financial plans, and business strategies, as these types of records tend to change over time. The Wilson Jones Ultra Duty D-Ring Binders are a regular fixture in most offices. These are sturdy and can protect documents from the elements while providing the flexibility to replace sheets when needed.

Cross-Cut Shredders

Managing confidential files also means having a secure means to dispose of them when necessary. To protect vital information, particular files are safer if shredded.  This protects valuable data from falling into the wrong hands if disposed of improperly. Cross-cut shredders are the most economical shredding method, making shredded documents almost impossible to put together. Another purpose of shredders is to cut down the volume of paper waste. The resulting shredded pieces of paper from cross-cut shredders are easier to compress, making disposal easier. The best available cross-cut shredders on the market are the HSM Classic 108.2cc Cross-Cut Shredder, the heavy-duty 15644 Micro Cross-Cut Shredder from HSM, or the economical HSM Securio AF3000 Auto-Feed Shredder.

Fire Safes

Accidents happen, and fires are one of the most devastating accidents that can drive a company out of business. Despite insurance pay-offs, losing unrecoverable essential documents to fires can be more costly than their actual monetary value. Protecting vital documents and items using fire safes is one way to minimize the losses from fires. Moreover, these are secure places to keep confidential documents or precious items such as rare metals or jewelry should your office need to store them. The FireKing KF1509-1WHE, and the larger KF1509-1WHE and KF0915-1WHE have the proper dimensions and protection capabilities to help protect critical items from fire and theft. 

Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards

Meetings are essential office activities. Many game-changing ideas are formulated when the brightest minds express their ideas in a free-flowing meeting presided over by a skilled facilitator. Having a glass magnetic dry-erase board, such as those made by Quartet, is the perfect solution for brainstorming meetings. These magnetic dry-erase boards have magnets that can hold documents while having a non-absorbent Quartet glass surface making them an excellent upgrade from traditional whiteboards. Best of all, these modern types of dry erase boards are attractive alternatives to conventional whiteboards. They are also available in black.

Office Air Filter (Suitable for Large Rooms)


For many of us, the office is where we spend a large percentage of our days. Keeping the air cleaner will help provide a healthier work environment. Though air conditioners have air filters, these won’t be enough to protect you from pollutants that are brought in by people or objects that come through the door. With the ability to keep the air clean for medium-sized rooms measuring up to 34.8 sq m, the TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifier is a perfect portable air purifier to keep the air clean around your work area. These have a Dupont HEPA Filter and UV light to kill germs and bacteria while capturing pollutants such as VOC gases and odors from all directions.

Office Janitorial Supplies

A clean office is a productive office. Not every business has dedicated janitorial services. With mounting labor costs, employees usually have to do their part when it comes to cleaning. To help employees with office upkeep, it is best to have janitorial supplies accessible. TBS Business Solutions offers high-quality brooms, garbage bags, brushes, and sweeping products.

Laminating Machines

gbc professional heatseal h600 pro

Offices will require added protection for specific documents such as ID cards, photographs, and certificates, among others. Some businesses may need laminators to protect items such as menu cards, small signboards, and cover pages for presentation. We have a dedicated article that discusses the merits of the laminators and binders available on our site. From the most economical, such as the GBC Fusion 1000L 12” Laminator for light users, to heavy-duty laminators, such as the GBC Professional HeatSeal H600 for larger offices, we have a vast selection of laminators available on our site. 

Binding Machines

GBC VeloBind System Two

Binding Machines were the rage during the advent of desktop publishing in the 90s. However, they have waned in popularity since many presentations to clients are emailed rather than having hard copies mailed. Some marketers still consider printed copies of marketing materials relevant because they have a higher recall value than digital presentations. Moreover, hard copies can easily be kept, giving more people the opportunity to read the printed material. Bound printed material is also a strong statement of intent from your marketing team that you value your potential clients, reinforcing its success rate, especially when targeting an older audience. 

Binders are one of the best ways to keep essential office documents organized. Hard copies may outlast digital archives and can prevent data loss if computers break down. TBS Business Solutions offers different binders that cover the most common and effective binding methods, such as comb binding machines, wire binding machines, coil binding machines, and Velobind systems.

Final Thoughts

As many businesses abandon the use of many types of traditional office supplies, there are still many instances in which they are still relevant. Even today, when most information is processed online, there is still the need to keep hard copies of essential documents. Moreover, specific correspondence and traditional marketing materials aimed at older audiences who appreciate receiving bound copies of presentation material will still require printing, secure storage, and organization. In the ever-competitive business environment of Los Angeles and Southern California, it is imperative to look for all opportunities to gain a competitive edge. These traditional office supplies that your rivals overlook can ensure that you are ready to continue to meet the evolving needs of the modern office. For inquiries on stock, availability, and other questions about our products, call us at (888) 542-9888, or contact us.