Working at home? Here are the essential tools to boost your productivity and performance.

With Cases of COVID-19 across the world increasing, many companies are sending a substantial proportion of their workforce back to work remotely. Working from home has its challenges. According to a compilation of pros and cons published by Indeed, people working from home tend to risk overworking, risk productivity and have some distractions at home. Moreover, not all people have the optimum workspace at home. The limitation in space and available furniture can also hinder productivity.  

We tend to sit for extended periods when we work at home. Aside from the drawbacks mentioned previously, sitting for extended periods of time presents its share of risks. You can overcome these challenges by optimizing your home workspace with tools to supplement productivity. To ensure a comfortable and productive work environment, don’t just search for “office supplies near me” in your browser.  Instead, check out these five tools that can help you turn your home into an ideal workspace.

3M™ Precision Standing Desk SD60B

A workspace can only be complete if you have an appropriate desk or table to help you organize your work. Since we tend to work more hours continuously at home, we may need to adjust the table height to create an ergonomic workspace for standing. While many of us work with a laptop, having just one small screen can hamper productivity.   If you require multiple screens using a laptop as your primary workstation, this table is ideal for you. Best of all, it can carry up to 35 lbs.

The other product features are:

  • It is height-adjustable between 6.2″ to 20″ to accommodate multiple users.
  • 3M™ Gel Wrist Rest for your keyboard and 3M™ Precise Mouse Pad to allow more comfort when using the mouse and keyboard.
  • It is composed of 45% recycled materials.

You can use it right out of the box.

Kensington Dual Monitor Smart Fit Sit/Stand Workstation

Studies show that working with dual monitors increases productivity. The privilege of always having multiple screens means you only have to glance to the side rather than minimize or switch windows. The Dual Monitor Smart Fit/Stand Workstation made by Kensington perfectly complements 3M™ Precision Standing Desk SD60B or the Kensington® SmartFit® Sit/Stand Desk. You can adjust the VESA-compatible monitor mount and keyboard tray independently, whether sitting or standing. Best of all, its product features allow for ergonomic positioning no matter the height and preference of its user.
The other product features are:
Pneumatic lift with a “quick release” handle to easily adjust the height.
Full arm articulation to freely move the monitor positions.
Provisions for managing the cables to avoid clutter.
Kensington® SmartFit® Conform™ Back Rest

Your lumbar muscles can curve incorrectly when you sit the wrong way. Sitting without proper lumbar support for an extended period of time leads to lower back pain. To prevent back pain due to extended periods of sitting while at work, you should have good support for your lower back. That is where the Kensington® SmartFit® Conform™ Back Rest can help. Best of all, this backrest is height-adjustable to help anyone who uses it keep a good posture when sitting for extended periods.

The other product features are:

  • Made with washable fabric.
  • Has ventilated back support to keep your back cool and comfortable.
  • Has independent springs to allow for subtle movements while working.

Kensington® SmartFit® Sit/Stand Desk

There are instances when your current desk at home does not allow for a table-mounted monitor stand. If you are using a small room where your desk is against the wall, your choices for accommodating everything your workstation needs are limited. If you want to maximize the footprint of your desk, allow two flat-screen monitors, space for a 14″ laptop, plus a few more inches for your keyboard and mousepad, then the SmartFit® Sit/Stand Desk made by Kensington® is perfect for you.

With provisions to adjust for users of any height, this desk-on-desk setup allows for adjusting the height of your workstation if you prefer working standing up. Moreover, its design maintains the desk’s footprint even if you adjust the height, allowing you to adjust from sitting to standing effortlessly.

Other product features are:

  • Can carry 30 pounds on the main desk surface and 5 pounds on the keyboard/mouse deck.
  • You can adjust the height by 22 inches to allow taller users or work while standing up.
  • Has provisions for managing cables to reduce clutter.
  • You can use it right out of the box.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier

Suppose you want to ensure the safety of the air in your home or workplace. Having the TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier can add a layer of protection. This air purifier can cover 250 square feet of room space and has proprietary “PureDirect” technology, distributing purified air further and more evenly. Raw air passes through the air purifier unit through a DuPont 360 degree HEPA filter, which traps pollutants and VOC gases from all directions. It complements the filtration system with UV light to kill disease-causing germs.
Other product features:
The air purifier has a small footprint, and the design can fit any room type.
The purifier unit operates quietly.
Has low power requirements.
The Bottom Line
Studies suggest that working from home is productive. Not commuting means having additional time each day to start or extend our work times. However, with fewer distractions, we tend to forget that we are sitting for long periods of time. Working in an uncomfortable position for extended periods using the furniture already available at home is not an ideal work environment in the long run. To help maintain a productive, healthy, and safe working environment at home, be sure to purchase the appropriate furniture, tools, and office supplies you need from our website. For more inquiries, you may contact us at or call 888-542-9888.