Thermal Lamination Film


Thermal lamination films have extrusion coated surface with low temperature melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure. TBS Thermal Lamination Film can be used on all types of thermal laminating machines available across the world.

Thermal Laminating Film. Film is Extrusion Coated One Side with Low Temperature Melting Polymer, Which Enables the Film to Laminate with Paper and Paper Boards by Means of Heat and Pressure

  • Excellent Bond Strength with Paper and Paper Boards
  • Excellent Matte Finish
  • Excellent Gloss Finish
  • Excellent Silk Finish


TBS Thermal Lamination with all types of Printed and Unprinted Paper and Paper Boards like Book Covers, Brochures, Magazines, Maps Etc.

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