Set of replacement filters N95 and Activated Carbon for Masks OH+Protection


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Characteristics of the filters used in the masks OH+Protection,

Kits filters interchangeable, includes 5 filtersfor exchange in Mask OH+Protection consists of the protection with a N95 filtering in the central valve, and in each one of the valves side has a double activated charcoal filter.

N95 and Activated Carbon, can be washed and disinfected, but the filters need to be changed necessarily, after cleaning the mask with one of the purification methods above

The film micrograbada / recorded is produced by combining various polymers with film technology of caste and using technology in engraving rollers for cooling.

Advantages of the etching of the filter:

1.-Soft Texture.

2.-Tactile sensation similar to textile products.

3.-Without sound function.

4.-Thanks to its matte surface, is not broken or reflected.

Movies micrograbadas / recorded are produced under an order in a structure of nano-porous or barrier. The films with structure nano-porous are generally used in applications such as technical textiles and composites industry.

Given that it is possible to pass low levels of water vapour thanks to the pores nano; controlled breathing, transmission controlled steam or water transmission controlled steam.

In movies where you want the feature of barrier; It creates a monolithic structure to provide a barrier against even the virus particles are smaller. Especially the personal protector is widely used in the medical sector to protect against the H1N1, Ebola, Sars and epidemics, which are very common today.

The version most produced movies micrograbadas / recorded is; film, diaper breathable controlled. While our films provide a barrier to the passage of liquids; at The same time, gives a feeling textile thanks to its smooth texture and appearance not plastic.

Spunsper54 / spunsper 63 is used as a layer of products spunbond biflex and spunbond triplex and viscose biflex, products of viscose triplex; it Is used in the manufacture of disposable iron / apron / pack


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