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AbsolutePower™ 5.2 Dual Wall Charger — Black

  • Brand: Kensington
  • Product Code: K38224US
  • Availability: In Stock

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The AbsolutePower 5.2 Dual Wall Charger features PowerWhiz™ Technology, which automatically recognizes your device and provides the fastest charge possible while keeping the internal electronics safe. The dual USB ports allow you to quickly charge up to two tablets or smartphones in your home or office at the same time simply using the device’s own Lightning cable (iPad or iPhone) or Micro USB cable (Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface 3, and many others).


Provides fast charge for up to two mobile devices at 2.6 AMPs (13 watts) including the Microsoft Surface 3, tablets and smartphones

PowerWhiz™ automatically detects the type of device you are charging to provide a faster, safer charge

Removable prongs are ideal when traveling, takes up less space in your bag

Smallest energy efficiency Level VI charger on the market


5.2A/26 Watt Output

Dual USB ports each provide a 2.6A/13 watt output for a faster charge for your tablet or smartphone with high-quality components so you can power up the device’s battery in less time while knowing the internal electronics are completely safe

PowerWhiz™ Technology

A smart chip inside the charger automatically detects your device and its specific power needs, creating the correct “handshake” between the device and the charging port to deliver a faster, safer charge

Removable Prongs

Ideal for when you want to put your charger in a travel or work bag and don’t want the prongs to damage to your belongings or the internal walls of the bag

Energy Efficiency Level VI

Meets latest requirements for maximum energy efficiency, saving you money when you’re charging your devices

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